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Montrol Senard


A local association, Rural NostalgiaIn several houses in the village, he recreated scenes from the trades of the past. There are 18 sites: an elementary school as it was in the 1930s, a shoemaking, a shoe factory, a shoe factory, a laundry and other reconstructions to discover the rural life of the past. In the village, the Saint-Julien-de-Brioude church has a Limousin portal with three arches, as well as a 17th century altarpiece. In front of the building you can see a Christ said in a petticoat. The former 13th century funeral lantern was transformed into a chapel.

Mayor: Yvette Coindeau

Population: 276

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3 Route de la coulée verte
Tel: 05 55 55 68 12 06

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