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leisure activities, extracurricular and extracurricular activities


Elected officials attach great importance to the services that the community of municipalities offers to children.

The recent merger required, as a first step, to give priority to the existing, to continue to offer the maximum of previous services. However, some adjustments were necessary.

A reflection is now underway to build a territorial policy for early childhood, extracurricular activities, Wednesdays and holidays.

The partners "Education Nationale, CAF, Jeunesse et Sport, Conseil départemental et familles" will be mobilized.

This work will take time, but the desire to offer a quality service contributes to the development of a reception policy in the region.

Inscriptions ALSH été : 7 juillet > 27 août 2021

Inscriptions ALSH Bellac / Bussière-Poitevine / Le Dorat / Magnac-Laval / Mézières Val d'Issoire / Mondon / ADOS

Inscriptions ALSH « Mercredis » :  28 avril > 30 juin 2021

Inscriptions ALSH Le Dorat/Mézières/Mondon

Plannings ALSH Mercredis : du 28 avril au 30 juin 2021

Planning Le Dorat

Planning Mézières Val d'Issoire

Planning Mondon

Recreational facilities

7 Accueil de Loisirs 6-11 years old rue des Rochettes, Bellac
8 Accueil de Loisirs 10 rue Léopold Bourdin, Bussière-Poitevine
9 Accueil de Loisirs Lac de Mondon, Cromac
10 Accueil de Loisirs 3 avenue Louis Ricoux, Le Dorat
11 Accueil de Loisirs Place de la république, Val d'Issoire
12 Accueil de Loisirs 20 rue Camille Grellier, Magnac-Laval

Teenagers welcome

13 12 avenue Saint Exupéry, Bellac