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reception policy


The Communauté de Communes du Haut Limousin en Marche was created on 1 January 2017. This EPCI is the result of the merger of the former communities of municipalities Brame Benaize, Basse Marche and Haut-Limousin as well as the Syndicat Mixte in charge of household waste management.

Elle est composée de 40 communes depuis le 1 er janvier 2019. Le Conseil Communautaire est composé de 63 délégués. Le bureau est composé de 15 vice-présidents et 4 conseillers délégués. Le président est M Jean-François PERRIN.

The issue of hospitality is important for our territory. Indeed, many municipalities are seeing their population decline, either through ageing or exodus. However, we also have the means to attract and sustain the influx of new people. This is why, by relying on the action of the Pays du Haut Limousin, CCHLeM works to enhance and promote our territory. Today this is reflected in a reception charter, created by the country, to which the voluntary municipalities adhere. They are then called upon to set up a "welcoming committee" within their ranks.

Its main aims are to identify the available assets (houses, land, commercial premises, etc.) and to share information, welcome and monitor newcomers to their respective territories. This is how actions such as welcome drinks, real estate exchanges, the creation of welcome booklets, participation in trade fairs have developed... This list is neither exhaustive nor restrictive.

Attracting new residents also involves promotion. This step will be developed soon and in the coming years. The various tools, films, specific website, display... are being studied in the Pays du Haut Limousin, and your elected representatives are actively involved.

But promotion comes first through each of us. What better ambassador of our territory than you who live there... !


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