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In this particular context where every inhabitant is asked to stay at home, the Tourist Office of the Pays du Haut Limousin offers alternatives to make life easier for the inhabitants of the Pays du Haut Limousin and to continue shopping and eating in complete safety.
Thus, the Tourist Office of the Pays du Haut-Limousin has mobilised its networks, local producers and restaurateurs to carry out a special Covid card - 19 online on the website of the Tourist Office, at www.tourisme-hautlimouisn.com, listing all local initiatives. 
Local producers and restaurateurs are getting organized to continue to satisfy small bellies and delight the taste buds.
Residents can continue to do their market with local producers. After the market closes, let's not worry about it, the producers get organized and the market comes "home". There are many initiatives: market gardeners, cheese makers, butchers organize themselves to deliver their products directly to their homes and/or welcome people to do their market.
Restaurants concoct dishes to enjoy at home: ready-made meals, salads, hamburgers, the choice is varied to compose your takeaway menu. Simply place an order and the customer will be served.
Supermarkets remain open with security measures that have been taken with new adapted opening hours.
You're a local, professional, it's up to you. The Tourist Office of the Pays du Haut Limousin is calling on residents and shopkeepers to help it feed this new interactive map of the Pays du Haut Limousin by letting it know about all the actions they find interesting.

Initially, the Tourist Office will focus on the food aspect, so if anyone is aware of a business, an association, a group that keeps its reception area open, offers a pick-up service or provides a delivery service, just send the information to the Tourist Office by mail to info@tourisme-hautlimousin.com.