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The health crisis linked to Covid 19 is pushing the State, the Regions and their partners to take rapid measures to support businesses in our territories in order to avoid numerous bankruptcies.

The measures taken are evolving rapidly and the information circuits are extremely diverse. That is why we have summarized the essential information and included links to the most reliable source of information, but also to the source that will be updated most rapidly if the measures taken evolve.

However, each situation is different and therefore each response will be specific. We can only recommend to each company to contact the crisis units of the New-Aquitaine Region or the CCI of Haute-Vienne (see contact details in the message) in order to take stock of the steps to be taken.

1 Employment :

The site of the Ministry of Labour specifies the modalities of work organisation, whether in terms of employee protection or in terms of the organisation of part-time work through its news page: https://travail-emploi.gouv.fr/actualites/l-actualite-du-ministere/. Companies can refer to it to find all the measures taken in the current crisis. Here are some of the measures that may be of interest to your contacts:

WARNING: companies have 30 days to declare themselves on the partial activity scheme (with retroactive effect of the request).

A telephone platform is available 24/7: 0 800 130 000 (toll-free number)

2 Charges :

The URSSAF website provides an update on each situation (from companies with more than 50 employees to individual employers, including self-employed and auto-entrepreneurs) through dedicated information sheets: https://www.urssaf.fr/portail/home/actualites/foire-aux-questions.html

It is recommended that each craftsman, trader or entrepreneur consult these sheets according to his own situation.

3 Bank support :

Although it is difficult to take stock of the provisions implemented in each bank, the Fédération Bancaire Française has issued a press release on the simple and direct measures that will be put in place in this sector to help companies (see attached document).

Among these measures:

  •  introduction of fast-track credit appraisal procedures for tight cash flow situations within 5 days, with special attention to emergency situations ;
  • deferral of loan repayments for businesses for up to six months ;
  • elimination of penalties and additional costs for extensions of deadlines and credits for companies ;
  • relaying government measures: in the context of exchanges with clients, communication and explanation of public support measures (postponement of social or fiscal deadlines, public guarantee mechanisms such as BPI, etc.).

Despite complex operational conditions, all network employees are and will remain fully mobilized to help their customers get through this exceptional crisis as well as possible:

  • The banking networks will be open and the branches are prepared. Employees are fulfilling their mission of providing essential services.
  • The power supply for DAB networks is assured. The payment infrastructure is fully operational.
  • In line with the recommendations of the public authorities, in order to limit their travel, customers are invited to give priority to contacts with their advisor by telephone or via dedicated platforms.
  • On a daily basis, most banking transactions are automated and can be carried out remotely or via ATMs.


It is recommended that each craftsman, merchant or entrepreneur should contact his bank advisor. The latter is supposed to clearly inform him/her about the procedures that can be implemented concerning outstanding loans and cash management issues.

  • Aid from BPI France :

The Banque Publique d'Investissement intervenes alongside the banks in guaranteeing bank loans. It implements a set of measures designed to facilitate the management of outstanding loans and guarantee treasury loans. Among these measures :

  • Granting of the Bpifrance guarantee, for cash loans granted by French private banks to companies affected by the consequences of the Coronavirus. You can apply for a certificate after your bank's pre-approval directly on the platform : https://attestation-pge.bpifrance.fr/description
  • Extension of traditional guarantees for investment credits, to accompany the restructuring carried out by the banks, without management fees,
  • Restructuring of medium and long-term credits for Bpifrance customers

Find out more about the measures taken by BPI France : https://www.bpifrance.fr/A-la-une/Actualites/Coronavirus-Bpifrance-active-des-mesures-exceptionnelles-de-soutien-aux-entreprises-49113

BPI France seeks financial solutions for every situation. To this end, it has set up a platform on which each entrepreneur can report on his situation and request assistance : https://mon.bpifrance.fr/authentication/?TAM_OP=loginRROR_CODE=0x00000000RL=%2Fmon-espace%2F#/formulaire/soutienauxentreprises

In addition, BPI France has set up a loan specifically for this crisis for VSEs, SMEs and small businesses without any guarantee on the assets of the company or its manager (see attached document).

4 The support of the State and the New Aquitaine Region

The New-Aquitaine Region is implementing several measures to complement the government measures for the benefit of the companies impacted to see on : https://entreprises.nouvelle-aquitaine.fr/actualites/covid-19-plusieurs-mesures-au-profit-des-entreprises-impactees.

Of all the measures, the most direct at present concerns the State-Regions solidarity fund for the benefit of VSEs affected by the Coronavirus crisis. In practical terms, this means aid of €1 500 for very small businesses employing at least one employee and which lost at least 50% of their turnover in March. (see attached document). To apply for the solidarity fund, all you have to do is log on to your personal space on the tax website: https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/

In addition, the region's EUR 50 million aid fund should make it possible to set up :

    • A regional support fund of at least €5 million to support associations with direct subsidies, particularly in the fields of culture, sport and the Social and Solidarity Economy.
    • A new envelope of 10 million loans will complement the rebound loans managed by the Banque Publique d'Investissement (Bpifrance). These loans have a strong leverage effect and will rapidly improve companies' cash flow.
    • An aid fund of a further €15 million, in the form of grants or repayable advances, to help regional firms not eligible for these schemes to get through these weeks of health crisis.

While waiting for the common business support platform for the state and the regions to be put online, you can contact the crisis unit set up by the Regional Council on 05 57 57 55 88 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm) and by email on entreprise-covid19@nouvelle-aquitaine.fr

5 The Consular Chambers (CCI / CA / CMA) :

The consular chambers are on the front line in informing, guiding and advising their nationals on the aid implemented in the context of the health crisis.

More specifically, the Haute-Vienne Chamber of Commerce and Industry has set up a crisis unit open to all companies, including those that are not members of the Chamber:

Tel : 08 01 90 22 87
Email: crise@limoges.cci.fr

In addition, it maintains a page dedicated to the information of companies, traders, craftsmen. The information is very complete and updated in real time. I can only recommend to regularly consult this page: https://www.limoges.cci.fr/actualites-details/items/covid-19-informations-et-mesures-de-soutien-aux-entreprises-5640.html

For any further information, Noémie Pillet (Chargé de mission - Economic Development) remains at your disposal at 06 32 11 49 89 and by e-mail npillet@cchlem.fr.